Jan 15, 2007

Christmas, Part 3

Well, I'm just now getting the rest of our Christmas pictures downloaded. These are some from Christmas in Cabot and also Chris' birthday. We went to Mom's weekend after Christmas and stayed for the long New Years weekend. We had a good time and the kids had fun, as usual. The holidays just flew by and now we are in the middle of January. We had some winter weather come through over the weekend and ended up with an inch or so of ice. We missed the worst of it, which was in Oklahoma and Missouri. Several trees are down around town, including part of a huge tree on our school playground. We are very sad about it since it provided us with so much shade in the summer. The next few days and nights are going to be very cold and for the first time ever, I'm wishing for Spring!

Chris and Kristin are both doing fine. Kristin got her official ADHD diagnosis last week (she was WAY off the charts in the areas of hyperactivity and ADHD). She's on meds and is responding very well to them. She is so much happier and so am I!! I never thought much about medicating children and was kind of against it until I had my own ADHD child...your opinions about things sometimes change once you are in the situation. But she comes by it honestly....I'm as ADD as the day is long! Anyway, we have lots of support from teachers, friends and family and that helps more than anything. Her pediatrician is wonderful also. Just don't tell Tom Cruise I've medicated my child...he'll have us in Scientology class trying to reach the state of "clear"!