Jan 27, 2008

What Happened to January??

Grandpa and his girl

Kristin and Hunter

Brandon, Lindsay and Kristin

Ok, January is almost over and I haven't blogged since before Christmas! I kept waiting for things to slow down after the holidays, but that never happened! We made it through the holidays and had a good time. We had Christmas morning here, then went to Joplin and spent Christmas day with Chris' family. Then the next weekend we went to Cabot for Christmas there. Never a dull moment, I must say.

It's hard to believe that Spring is just around the corner. Kristin has registration next Saturday for T-ball. This will be here first time to play, so it could be interesting. I don't think she has the focus for it, since it's a slow paced game. I can just see her in the outfield picking flowers! Oh well, I'm glad she wants to try something new. And Chris (aka Mr. Baseball) is happy, I know! She is already planning which camps she wants to do this summer--art camp, gymnastics camp, and cheerleader camp. She is always on the go!

Chris and I are fine. Busy with work. Chris is much happier now working in one department. He is waiting for a Neighborhood Market to open in Springdale and then will move over there. At school we are getting ready to open our infant/toddler program. Open house is tomorrow night. My pre-k kids are keeping me busy and are really making some good progress...several will be reading by Spring. Kristin is doing great in school and I am thankful she loves to go. Her school was closed Friday (teachers had to do observations) so she went to school with me. Her teacher ended up coming to Sunshine Montessori to observe. Kristin was SO happy to see her. I'm glad she will be with Ms. Pam again next year.

We are trying to plan a summer vacation. We didn't really go anywhere last year and I told Chris we are going SOMEWHERE this year, I don't care where. So, we've gone from maybe going to Hershey, PA, or Disneyland (not Disneyworld--I'm staying away from Orlando in July!), or Las Vegas, but finally settling on Kansas City. There is so much to do there and Chris and I both like KC. Kristin has never been and there is a lot she would enjoy. We've also thought about going to Six Flags and then to St.Louis. We'll see.

I better go. Kristin is coughing again...hopefully it's just a cold. This is the first winter EVER to not have a single ear infection!!! Yipeee!!!!