Oct 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Well, Halloween is over. I love Halloween and this time of year. It turned cold today, which is just how I think it should be for Halloween. As most of you know, I love cold weather and Kristin is just the same. She hates wearing a jacket/coat and was mad that I made her wear a coat tonight, but she soon got over it. She had fun dressing up as Ariel and going trick-or-treating. Because it was cold, we only went around our block and to Ms. Brenda and Ms. Shawn's house. Kristin still ended up with a full bucket of candy, which is plenty. We called it a night pretty early, came home and warmed up with a bowl of soup. There were still a lot of kids out, so Kristin got to pass out candy, which I think she enjoyed as much as getting candy! I finally talked her into taking off her costume and getting ready for bed. After lots of moaning and groaning, she got in bed and was asleep within five minutes!

Oct 29, 2006

Future Teacher

Thanks to Ms. Brenda, Kristin loves school and is already practicing to be a teacher. Today her class consisted of a couple of Barbies and Bratz dolls. They read "Cars" and sang "Picky-Picky Bumble Bee" and at some point a Bratz doll got put in time out for hitting her friend who would not sit on the line with their legs crossed! Yes, my child is the future of Montessori education!!! Maria would be proud!

Oct 21, 2006

Sports in the Arft House

Well, the Cardinals made it to the World Series--woo-hoo!!!! Chris is happy as can be even though Kristin told him that she HATES (gasp!) baseball--oh the horror!!! I really couldn't care less, as long as Arkansas is playing well, I'm happy. Chris, on the other hand, eats, breathes, and lives sports. Now that the Cardinals are in the World Series, he's on cloud 9. Sunday afternoons involve lots of channel flipping for him, you see he has to keep up with NASCAR, the Chiefs, and baseball. It never ends! I'm happy though that the Cardinals made it...now if something could be done about the Chiefs.....I think that's a lost cause!

Oct 16, 2006

Fun at Cabot-Fest

Over the weekend we visited my parents and went to Cabot-Fest. Kristin had her first experience on a roller coaster (a kiddie one) and just like her mom and dad (we LOVE them), she had a blast! The picture turned out fuzzy, but you can still tell she was having a good time. Kristin will ride anything and was very dissapointed that she could only ride the kiddie-rides. We had a fun and as usual, the weekend flew by!

Oct 11, 2006

I Love Baby Hunter

Last weekend we went to Joplin to visit Grandma and Grandpa. Brandy was also there with Hunter, Kristin's newest cousin. He's already 4 months old and is quite a cutie! Kristin LOVES Hunter...when we got home she kept saying over and over..."I love Baby Hunter!" Won't be long until she's teaching him everything she knows!!!!

Oct 3, 2006

Feeling Better

Well, Kristin is pretty much back to her old self. No fever or cough. She's been going nonstop since Sunday afternoon. Yesterday I found her in her room wearing her swimming suit and fairy wings. She is such a goofball!!

I am still battling a cold/allergies...I'm as stuffed up as a Thanksgiving turkey! On Sunday I sent Chris to Wal-Mart for medicine and as he was driving down the road, he heard a THUD. He realized it was my cell phone that he left on top of the car! He'd put it up there while getting Kristin in her seat. He found it and brought it home, but needless to say it is barely working.

Is it Friday yet????