Sep 30, 2008

Afternoon at the Park

One of my favorite things about Siloam Springs is the great parks and today was the perfect day to get out and enjoy them. I was a little reluctant to though once my allergies started kicking into high gear. But Kristin reminded me that we "pinky promised" that we would make a trip to the park after school. How could I break a pinky promise?? So, off we went with a bunch of kleenex to the park! Kristin had fun even though we forgot to bring some crackers to feed to the ducks. Oh well, we'll do that next time. All in all it was a great day!

Sep 23, 2008

One of Kristin's favorite things is to help me in the kitchen and whenever possible, I let her. A few nights ago we had homemade pizza and I let Kristin make her own pizza. Of course she had to make a smiley face with the pepperoni!

Last night she decided to make dessert with her Easy Bake oven. Mom got her the oven for her fourth birthday and she uses it as much now as she did then, if not more. Here she is mixing up frosting for her chocolate chip cookie.

Kristin recovered quickly from her stomach bug, thank was not fun. While we were in Joplin over the weekend, she picked out her Halloween costume...a "scary" fairy. She picked a black skirt that is glittery and lights up and black wings. I told her she could wear a black leotard with it. She wants to make her hair black and glittery and wear goth makeup! I said yes to the hair and talked her into some sparkly stuff for her face instead. She said next year she wants to be a vampire. Let's pray she changes her mind! I must say, she definitely marches to her own beat. She has a dark sense of humor....great, she's going to be one of those creative weird people! Some of the pictures she draws just crack me up...they look like Dr. Seuss or Tim Burton creations. She just sees things in a different way and is ALWAYS entertaining!

Sep 16, 2008

Stomach Bugs and Dirty Sheets

Kristin has caught the stomach bug! It didn't last long, but it was not fun! It started yesterday around 4:45. Kristin was at her ballet class and I'd walked down to a bookstore to use my gift certificate and look around while she was dancing. Just as I'd finished picking out my books and was about to sit down to start reading, I got a call from the dance center saying that Kristin wasn't feeling good. So, I paid for my books and went back to the studio. I found her laying in the lap of another mom with a cold cloth on her head. I thanked her for taking care of Kristin and we left. Just as we got in the car Kristin said she was going to throw up. I dumped my books out of the bag and let her use it to get sick it. Chris found it amusing that I left the bag by the curb, but I wasn't about to bring it home!

We made it home and Kristin went to bed. I figured she had a migraine since she was complaining of having a headache. Around 7:00 she woke up and said she was hungry. I gave her chicken noodle soup, a warm bath, oh, did I mention she threw up in her bed before she went to sleep? Well, she did and at this point had one set of sheets in the laundry and a new set on her bed. After her bath she wanted to lay in my bed at watch the Disney channel. I tucked her in with Raggedy Ann and a bucket, just in case. As I was taking her clean sheets out of the dryer, here she came, down the hall, telling me she'd thrown up in my bed and had missed the bucket. SO, I took off those sheets and started a new load in the wash. By this point her stomach was hurting really bad and I knew it wasn't a migraine. She fell asleep on the couch and I put her in her bed around 11:00. She got sick again in the night and once more this morning. Since then she is fine and dandy and wanting to go out to play. Needless to say we all have clean sheets!

Sep 9, 2008

Dance and A New Do

Yesterday Kristin had her first ballet/tap class. She was so excited and had a blast. Parents aren't allowed to watch, which I totally understand, but she showed me some of her new "moves" when we got home. She's already looking forward to the recital in June. Here she is ready to dance!

After her class she was completely exhausted and was also getting a migraine. I gave her some medicine and got supper ready. I later found her sound asleep on her bed in the fetal position!

Kristin decided over the weekend to get her hair cut. She was in the process of letting it grow, but on a whim decided to cut it (she's just like me). It's cut about the same way it was before, bobbed and stacked in the back. It's a little shorter this time, but very cute, I think. I like it because it's easier to deal more detangling spray!