Sep 20, 2009

The Flu, Pumpkins and Wii

Yep, I have the flu. It's awful. I have fever, cough, wheezing, and my entire abdomen aches. Plus I am completely exhausted. I want to get better and get out of the house!

Chris and Kristin are holding down the fort. Chris has cleaned the house from top to bottom....I think he's trying to keep the germs at bay! Kristin informed me that she wants to go to Shawns house, where there "isn't a flu"! Hopefully no one else will get it.

Kristin finally got to pick her pumpkin. Towards the end of her kindergarten year, she brought home a pumpkin sprout that she grew at school. We planted it in the garden, not expecting too much. Well, we ended up with one pumpkin! She is so proud of it!

K has also been into the Wii lately...she loves bowling and if how she drives while playing Mario cart is any indication of what kind of driver she'll be, well, let's just say, my dad would be proud!!!

Sep 16, 2009

Kristin's First Post

I lost my first tooth! I was so happy! My Mom pulled it out cause I didn't know how to pull it out myself. Daddy wouldn't ever feel my loose tooth, I wish he did! The tooth fairy brought me four dollars and let me keep my tooth! My cousin Lindsay lost a tooth on the same night!

School is fun but sometimes a little boring. I like doing centers, computer lab, PE, art and music. Mrs. Taylor is a nice teacher and I like her.

Thanks for typing my words, Mom!


Kristin Arft

Sep 11, 2009


We have been so busy lately around are a few highlights (without any pictures, believe it or not!).

*I turned 34! Chris bought me a netbook for my birthday. I love it and will be using it a lot for:
*Montessori preschool teacher certification....I'm finally getting my certification! It will take 7-9 months.
*I started a 45 hour training class on social/emotional learning. Luckily it's a great class.
*Kristin started soccer and is loving it; this week she will begin Parables at our church on Sunday nights (our preacher is her soccer coach!)
*We bought a new dryer tonight and I cannot wait for Lowe's to deliver it tomorrow...that's definitley a hightlight since we have had to run our dryer over and over just to get one load halfway dry!
*Our Wal-Mart was remodeled....Chris was so busy with all of that, but the store looks GREAT!
*My class of 10 is keeping me on my toes....I've always said it's the children who challenge you who make you a better teacher. By the end of the year, I should be the best! They are fun, though and I love them!

So, we've had a lot going on which is why I have not been blogging much at all. Oh, just an FYI...since changing Kristin's medication, she hasn't had a single migraine! Praise the Lord!!!! She has had a couple of minor headaches, but they weren't anything major. She is enjoying school and loves her teacher. Next week K is going to the doctor for a med checkup. I emailed her teacher just to check that she was doing ok in class to help determine if she's on the right dosage. The teacher emailed back that up until last Thrusday she had been very quiet, but is now talking a lot, but is doing very good on her work and is staying dog!!! That's just what I wanted to hear. Mrs. Taylor has been so good to let me know how Kristin is doing and I'm so thankful for that!

I'm off to bed. Hope everyone has a good weekend!