Jan 9, 2010

Christmas in Cabot

Last weekend we went to Cabot for our third and final installment of Christmas 2009! We got to Cabot late Friday night, but of course the kids wanted to open presents.

Mom and her presents

Lindsay opening her Paperoni

Brandon and his new clothes

Not sure why I look mad, but I was very happy with my Crock Pot!

Lynn likes her perfume!

While we were opening presents a wrapping paper throwing battle was underway. Here's K hurling a wad of paper at Brandon.

Kristin and Nene. Nene gave Kristin a new Princess Bible and gave me and Lynn two of Dad's Bibles.

Johnny had to drive back to West Memphis, so he was in a hurry. But he had to open his present from us first...it was wrapped in a box, the the present itself was wrapped about 6 times! It was all Kristin's idea! A nice Carrabba's gift card was what he got!

We pretty much just relaxed over the weekend. The girls had a good time, but they always do. Kristin really misses her cousins!

We also celebrated Chris' birthday, complete with chocolate cake, poppers and confetti!

Sunday morning was a little crazy. Northwest Arkansas had gotten snow overnight and I540 was a mess, so we hurriedly threw on some clothes, packed, took family pictures....and ended up staying another night! We decided it wasn't worth trying to get back before Monday, so we spent an extra night. The roads were better the next day, but all up and down 540 you could see where people had gone off the road. Here are some pictures we took when we thought we were leaving!

Kristin loves Brandon!

Sunday night we built a fire and roasted marshmallows!

We've gotten lots of winter weather. The kids have only gone to school two days this week. Yesterday they closed more for the very cold weather, rather than the road conditions. Kristin has had fun going to Sunshine Montessori with me. Here she is with her buddy Jael. They have been friends since they were babies at the Children's Center...now they are 7 and 8!!!

Oh, Chris got me a late Christmas present...a Keurig coffee maker! Everyone was sold out of them at Christmas, but apparently more are in. Kristin loves it as much as I do....we have been drinking coffee nonstop! I'll have to order some of the hot cocoa for Chris since he is the non-coffee drinker!