Oct 16, 2007

Pumpkin Patch and CabotFest

Why is the weekend already over? I finally had a weekend to just relax and now it's GONE!!! On Monday Kristin's school went to the corn maze and pumpkin patch in Southwest City, Missouri. They were there all day and from what I heard, had a great time! They went through the corn maze and pumpkin patch, watched a movie about corn, had a picnic, went on a hayride, and had fun on some cool slides. It was cloudy and cool all day, which to me is perfect pumpkin patch weather! Yesterday Chris and I took Kristin to a smaller pumpkin patch outside of town--it was really cute and she had fun. The weather was very un-fall like...sunny and warm. Everyone was out and about! Kristin decorated her pumpkin with drawings and stickers.

Kristin on a slide at Right Choices Corn Maze, Southwest City, MO

Ranalli Farms Pumpkin Patch

Last week I was able to see the proofs from Kristin's fall pictures. They turned out so well!!! I've only scanned one and had trouble with the others, I will try to do them later. Here is the one I was able to scan. She looks so grown up!

This past weekend Kristin and I went to Cabot. Lynn and Lindsay were there...Brandon was going to come, but went to a birthday sleepover at a friends house. We had a great time and the weekend went by so fast!! On Saturday we went to CabotFest, which was fun. Kristin and Lindsay would've ridden rides all day if we would've let them. After we ran out of tickets and convinced the girls we weren't buying more, we walked around and looked at all the booths. Lynn and I bought candles from a local company, the girls had their faces painted, and Lindsay climbed a rock wall--Kristin wanted to, but wasn't old enough. We decided not to eat at the fair since it would cost a fortune and instead had a good supper at Coltons. When we got home we had a belated birthday apple pie for me...it was yummy!! Lynn and I put the girls to bed and watched "Little Miss Sunshine." The pictures are of Kristin and Lindsay enjoying rides and then sound asleep after a long day.

Oct 7, 2007

Sunday Afternoon Project

Well, the above picture is the result of today's afternoon project. Kristin loves ballet and dancing even though she has no desire to take lessons. I bought the slippers and toe shoe from yesterday's garage sale (more on that later), added the ribbons, painted the letters pink and...VOILA! Hopefully the bookshelf I ordered for her room will be in this week and I can get the rest of her furniture painted...maybe!

Yesterday we had our Sunshine Montessori garage sale. We did pretty good considering Bikes, Blues and Barbaque was going on in Fayetteville and just about everyone in NW Arkansas was there. We had beautiful weather and as usual I was able to go through Maddie and Kenzies clothes that Shawn was ready to sale. Needless to say I racked up! I got about 5 swimming suits for Kristin to wear next summer. She wants to do swim team, so she will need them for practices. Anyway, we had a lot of mens and womens clothes left, so we took those to the Salvation Army. We kept the kids clothes for our next sale, since its kids clothes that usually sale the best. Chris and Kristin were in Joplin yesterday so when I came home I was able to take a shower and nap in peace and quiet!
Next weekend we will be in Cabot for Cabotfest. Last year Kristin and I went with Mom and Dad and Kristin had a blast. She definitely takes after me and Chris when it comes to the rides...she LOVES them. The bigger and faster the better!