Jun 7, 2009

Summer Has Arrived!

Summer has officially begun...school is out and so are the lightening bugs! This afternoon Kristin enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Kristin had a hard time with school being over, which surprised me since it's all she's talked about, but she hates change, so it really shouldn't surprise me. On the last day her teacher had an ice cream party for the kids and parents. I went ahead and took her back to work with me since there was only an hour of school left. Well, the tears started. Kristin broke down, said she didn't want to leave her teacher or her friends. We got back to school, made it through the rest of the day, then on the way home, she started crying again. She said that every time she thinks about her friends, she gets sad. I told her she'd she them next year and reminded her of all the fun things she'll be doing this summer. Which almost brought about the waterworks for me...I dread summer! Not only do I hate the heat and humidity, there is just so much going on. It's always more hectic at school with the schoolagers there and then K has ALOT going on this summer. With Sunshine Montessori she'll be going to the aquatic center MWF, 1-4. Then on Tuesday mornings, they'll see movies with the Malco summer kids program; in the afternoon they'll go to the library for their summer program. On Thursdays it's the library and something else. Plus other field trips here and there. This week is VBS at our church and K's ball tournament. Next week K will be staying with my cousin Kim and her boys. The following week K will be going to day camp at the big Baptist church all day (arty-crafty and cheer are the ones she chose...the cheer surprised me!) and that weekend she's staying with Shawn and her girls while Chris and I go to Eureka Springs for our anniversary. WHEW!!! Coming up in July we have swimming lessons for K, train ride from Springdale to Van Buren, and vacation to Kansas City at the end of the month. I'm worn out just thinking about it!