Feb 27, 2012

We're Bbbbaaaccckkkk!!!!!!

Well, it's been forever since I've posted on my poor, neglected blog! Guess it's time I get back to it...so here we go!

Things are good. Kristin is doing so well in third grade at Sunshine Montessori. She reading so well, and so far, has a much better understanding of fractions than I ever did :) She's wearing reading glasses now, which she hates, but is getting used to. What else is new with her? She's back in Parables, the children's choir/drama group at church....she's taking tap and jazz (loves it!) and started piano lessons this year. She was pretty hesitant at first...I think she was scared of poor ole Mr. Chris. But she's warmed up to him and is really enjoying classes. AND...she's really excited about this...in April she's going to start art lessons in Springdale at the Arts Center of the Ozarks! We've looked FORever for weekend classes and finally found some! She is SO EXCITED!!!

I'm doing pretty good too. Still teaching preschool at Sunshine Montessori and loving it. I'm so blessed to have a job that doesn't feel like work.

In 14 days Kristin and I, along with Mom, are heading back to Disneyland! I may need to be seriously medicated when we get back, but we are looking forward to it. Of course I'm waiting till the last minute to get anything packed or even close to being ready to go!

Kristin and I are still taking our weekend trips to Eureka Springs every few months. It's so nice to have somewhere close to get away from everything. We went for Mardi Gras and had a BLAST!

Ready for fun!

I really, really, REALLY want to move to Eureka. I've even found the house I want. But like I've told K, where would we go for our weekend trips? To Siloam? Don't think so! Anyway, we always have fun, even if we do nothing but lay by the pool. I am planning an early Mother's Day weekend for myself in April. I'm staying at the Palace Inn and Bath House and will, of course, be visiting the bath house. K was not happy with this news (how dare I go without her!), but since she'll be hanging with Shawn and her girls, she's ok with it, even if she won't tell me she is!

What else??? No big snows this year :( It's been a crummy winter. We both are still dealing with asthma and migraines, but K's asthma seems to be under control. Cutting back on gluten has really helped with our migraines. Just need to stick with it, or it ends up biting us in the rear!

Our sweet dog Moses died this summer. Came home one day and found him dead. He was eight years old and was Kristin's first dog.

Sweet Moses

We still have Austin and have adopted a cat, Maxi. She promptly took over the house!

This is always a rough time of year for us...March 4 will be two years since Chris' death. Kristin and I have been blessed with amazing friends and family. We are very very lucky :)