Dec 23, 2007

Bloggy Christmas Tour of Homes

Ok, I am very late in doing this, but welcome to my home for the Bloggy Christmas Tour of Homes, hosted by BooMama. Hope you enjoy!

As you can see, I LOVE snowmen and have them throughout the house. This is my big display.

Since we don't have a fireplace to hang our stockings by, I found this cute stocking holder to hang on the wall. These stockings are special to grandmother who passed away this spring made mine, and my mom made Chris and Kristin's. Needless to say both my grandmother and mom have more patience than I do!

Last year I went to Kohl's after Christmas and found this Christmas card tree...I love it!

Here is our tree...I think next year we will either get a bigger artificial tree or a real one. I am probably the only one who still likes multi-colored lights on the tree! I can't help's what I'm used to and it just doesn't seem the same without them (although I do like red lights!).

My mom's friend made this calendar for me when I was a little girl. Now Kristin looks forward to moving the bear around his house each day until he "finds" Christmas.

Here is Kristin posing in front of the tree...this is the picture we used in our cards this year.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and new year!!!!

Dec 12, 2007


You Are Socks!

Cozy and warm... but easily lost.
You make a good puppet.

Dec 9, 2007

The Christmas Starr

Kristin and Ms. Pam

Kristin loved being on stage!

Last Thursday night Kristin's school put on their Christmas program, The Christmas Starr. It was so cute and I was so proud of Kristin. She stood up there, sang the songs and never goofed around like some of the other kids. Her teacher, Ms. Pam said she knows every word of all the songs from the performance and Kristin informed me that when she is a big kid, she is going to have one of the solo parts. I don't doubt it a bit!

We are getting ready for a possible ice storm. I talked to my in-laws in Joplin and it's really bad up there. We are under and ice storm warning for tonight and tomorrow morning. I think Siloam is probably far enough south to miss most of it, but I guess we will have to wait and see. I love snow, but do NOT like ice! I went to the grocery store earlier today to buy some of the essentials...bread, milk, cookie dough (yes, cookie dough). I laugh at people running to the grocery store when there is talk of bad weather and there I was, out there with all of them!

Dec 4, 2007

A New Do

Kristin has had her first official haircut! Up unitl now, I've always cut her hair, but the other day she decided she wanted it cut in a stacked bob. Well, there's no way I could do that, so I took her to one of the Mom's at work who is a stylist and had her do it. The next morning after getting it cut, Kristin immediately said "I don't have any tangles!" Here is a picture of her showing off her new do in front of the tree.

We are slowly getting ready for Christmas. Last Saturday my boss took us to a day spa in Fayetteville for our Christmas present. It was really nice. I had an aroma bath, massage and a paraffin hand and foot mask. I had a horrible headache when we got there and told my massuse. Well, she spent a long time massaging my head and doing some pressure point stuff on my was wonderful.

Thursday night is Kristin's Christmas program. She is really excited about it and has been singing around the house for days on end. Hopefully she won't flake out when she gets up there and sees all the people in the church. I don't think she will though, she is really coming out of her shyness. I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing!!!!