Dec 27, 2006

Downward Facing Dog

Well, I'm doing it Some of you may or may not know that before Kristin was born, I was VERY into yoga and did it at least 4 times a week. Now, I wasn't standing on my head or wrapping my legs around my neck, but I was pretty good. I even did yoga for pregnancy. Then I had Kristin....and it was all downhill from there! I've often said I needed to start back again and have even done some yoga for kids with my class in the morning at school, but nothing consistent or that would qualify as a workout. By the way, nothing is funnier than watching kids doing yoga, especially the "Do Nothing Doll" pose where they lay on their backs, eyes closed and just relax. Many times I've wondered how long they would stay there if I didn't say anything! Anyway, I've also come to the conclusion that heart disease runs in my family and things need to change. SO, four years later, I pulled my yoga mat out of the closet and did some sun salutations. I don't know if you've ever done yoga, but you don't realize how had you work until you roll out of bed the next morning and can barely move. The only thing you can do...more yoga. That was me this morning. But last night I slept better than I have in MONTHS. So, here's to sun salutations and dog poses. I'm back on the yoga mat!!!!

Dec 26, 2006

Merry Christmas!

It's Amazing Allysen!!!

My Missouri husband WILL become a HOGS fan!
Enjoying 24 hours of "A Christmas Story"
Future Rock Star!

Having fun with the creativity table
Sound asleep after a long day.....

Well, once again Santa visited our house. Hope everyone had a wonderful day. We had a lot of fun. We spent Christmas Eve in Joplin with Chris' family. Since Chris had to work Christmas night, we just decided to spend Christmas at home. Kristin woke up around 9:30 (she slept better than in days--her ear and sinus infections are clearing up). She was so excited to see that Santa left an Amazing Allysen doll! That along with the pink guitar from Grandma and Grandpa are her favorites so far. Although we have put together and played with everything!

On Friday we'll be leaving for Cabot to spend the long weekend with Mom. Lynn and her family will be there again (they were there Christmas Eve and part of Christmas Day), so we'll have Christmas Part, part three--Christmas in Joplin, Christmas in Siloam, Christmas in Cabot--PHEW!!

Enjoy they pictures, hope everyone had fun and got what they wanted from Santa!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Dec 8, 2006

Daddy Dress Up

I walked into Kristin's room a few days ago and just cracked up. What you see in the pictures is what I found. Kristin had apparently talked her daddy into letting her dress him up and fix his hair. Isn't he just lovely? She is such a daddy's girl. Tomorrow night I'm going out with some friends, so Kristin and Chris are going to have a "Daddy-Daughter Date". They are going to a movie and out to eat. I'm not sure what movie they are going to see, but knowing them, I might be home before they are!

Dec 2, 2006


Kristin went out today and played in the snow. The cold front came through Wednesday evening and we got three inches of rain. Around 9am Thursday the rain turned to freezing rain and sleet which continued for about 12 hours. Finally it all turned to snow and we ended up with a couple of inches before it was all said and done. Kristin and I made snow-cream...yum! Most of the snow has melted, but some is still hanging around.

We are doing pretty good. I went back to work this week and am glad I did. It's nice to be back in some kind of routine and it's hard to be depressed when you are surrounded by crazy kids! Everyone at work, the kids and parents have all been great, and I am thankful for them all.