Sep 26, 2010

Blog Update....FINALLY!

It has been forever since I've updated my poor, neglected blog. But we have been so so busy lately. Things are starting to settle down a bit, but I'm sure they won't stay that way for long!

Yesterday was a great day for Kristin. Her Awana teacher had the girls in the class out to her house for hiking and horseback riding. This was K's first time on a horse. Now, most of you know that I rode horses for year and miss riding so much! Well, I've secretly prayed that Kristin would inherit this love of horses and riding, even though I said I'd never pressure her into it. And yes, I secretly laughed when Krisitn informed her baseball loving father that she hated softball (hehehe), but he handled it very well :) Anyway, I was very anxious to see how the day would turn out. I dropped K off and went back home to clean and watch the Arkansas game. When I went to pick her up, she was still riding, having a blast. She LOVED it! She was riding with no hands, she was riding without having to be led around...she ate it up :) And to top things off, I discovered that Ms. Sharrie also gives riding lessons...woo-hoo! As we were driving back home, Kristin uttered some of the most wonderful words to my ears..."Mom, I LOVE horses! I want to be just like you and ride horses!" I managed not to squeal with joy! Here are some pics of my little Mini-Me:

K is doing great at school. I'm so thankful she is at Sunshine Montessori. She is thriving and doing so well. Shawn (her teacher) and I are still concerned that there may be a dyslexia issue with her, so Shawn is going to get an evaluation set up for her. But Kristin loves school and I love having her with me, but not in my class :)