Jul 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Hope eveyone had a good 4th! Kristin and I enjoyed sleeping in while Chris worked (sorry Chris). We had planned to spend the day in the pool, but overnight and early morning storms made the water a little yucky. So, off to Wally world we went to buy some chemicals among many other things. Kristin insisted on wearing her holiday swimming suit while decorating our front porch with chalk. Grandma and Grandpa came over later and spent the day and by the time we were finished with supper, the pool had cleared enough that Kristin was able to show off her swimming skills. We all enjoyed the fireworks display, which I must say, is pretty good for a small town. Kristin was worn out by the end of the night and slept through the booms and bangs that continued through the night.

We are still enjoying our weekend. Chris had to work today, which is usually a day off for him, but they have to get ready for inventory. So, he will have lots of overtime pay coming his way! Kristin and I did spend a lot of the day today in the pool. I as usual am burnt, but not too bad. Kristin is nice and brown and full of freckles!

I'd better run and get Kristin's dress ready for church tomorrow. Here are some pictures from the last several weeks, just some odds and ends. Enjoy!