Aug 31, 2008

Thank goodness for holidays and long weekends! After being in school for two weeks, we are in need of a little break. Kristin was sick this past Thursday and Friday and spent those days with me at work. She just laid on a mat and hung out. On Thursday afternoon when she was starting to feel better I let her get up to do some art. Well, I was in the back of the school getting a load of laundry ready when I heard a child crying and then screaming...and then I realized it was Kristin. I found her in the bathroom with another teacher with blood running down her hand and arm. She had been cutting and accidently cut her finger (yes, that's my child). After about 20 minutes of screaming and me about to pass out...blood has never bothered me, but that day, I about lost it and we both ended up on the floor before it was all said and done....I got the bleeding to stop enough to see that while she had managed to cut a small part of the tip off, it didn't need stitches. My nursing genes kicked in and I got her all bandaged up. Needless to say we all took some Motrin before going to bed!

Showing off her hurt finger

Kristin is enjoying school and is having fun. I am working 7-3, which means I get up at 5:30 (which I actually like), get myself ready, get Kristin up around 6:45 and we go to the school. She gets dressed and has breakfast there and Shawn picks her up and takes her to school with her girls. Then at 3 when she walks over from the school, we go home. And I love my class this year. Shawn and I switched...she is teaching the pre-k kids and I have the younger ones. I have eight 3 year olds, only 2are girls. They are good kids though and I just love seeing their minds at work. They are like little sponges. Anyhow, the schoolyear has started off pretty well.

Ready for the first day of Kindergarten

Enjoying some hot chocolate after school

Hope eveyone has a good holiday weekend. Keep those on the Gulf in your prayers. I have a couple of friends who live in the New Orleans area and have's not looking good. We aren't doing anything exciting. I'm planning on sending myself to the spa next weekend for my birthday...I definitely need a massage!!!

Aug 14, 2008

More Pictures

Tomorrow is the first day of school! Kristin is very excited...she has all her supplies ready and her clothes picked out. We had open house at Kristin's school last week. She saw her room, met her teacher and checked out her locker. This is going to be a bit of a change for her...OAS, where she was last year, was very small, and Northside is a lot bigger, but her class isn't very big. She is excited about school, and I think she will have fun. It will be very convenient for me to have here at Northside since it is right across from my work and I am going to start working awesome hours--7-3. I can't wait! Kristin decided not to do soccer this fall and is instead taking ballet and tap. I was talking to her about when I took ballet, her mouth dropped open and she said "YOU can DANCE?!"

Here are the rest of our vacation pictures. Kristin just asked me when we are going back!

Kristin and one of the ball blasters at Peanuts Playhouse

Inside the playhouse

Chris and Kristin enjoying their funnel cake


Kristin and Bunny Boo

The Rainforest Cafe

Chris and Kristin after her art session at the Crown Center

Kristin posing outside of Fritz's

Aug 8, 2008

Kansas City Vacation

I'm finally updating my blog! It's been forever, I know. Kristin is home sick today and is in bed, so I have some extra time. We had a great time on our vacation to Kansas City. It went too fast though, and none of us were ready to come back. This was Kristin's first trip there (that she remembers)or to be in any big city and stay in a hotel, for that matter. As we reached the city limits and Kristin saw the big buildings and big traffic, she said "Wow! This is a beautiful town!". Sunday night the weatherman was predicting record heat for Monday, which was when we were going to Worlds of Fun. However, God had other plans and we awoke to a cool, almost cold, rainy morning. Once we got to the park it quit raining but stayed cloudy and very cool all day. It was the perfect day to be there...not hot and not crowded. Kristin rode tons of rides, got her face painted and met the Peanuts characters. Her favorite non-ride was in Camp Snoopy at Peanuts Playhouse. It was basically a gigantic room full of air pressured ball blasters with foam balls all over the place. It was fun and there were as many dads running around as there were kids!

Our second day we spent shopping. I found great deals at Children's Place outlet and Limited Too. We took Kristin to Build-A-Bear which was the highlight of the day for her. She stuffed a bunny and of course had to dress her and do all that fun stuff. I think I had as much fun as she did! It is kind of expensive, but fun to do at least once. We ate dinner at the Rainforest Cafe, which I think has a better atmosphere than food. I don't care for the food at all, it's overpriced and not that great, but it is a really neat place to eat. Kristin was freaked out the first time it "stormed" and all the animals came to life. We got to eat next to one of the big fish tanks and Kristin was thrilled with all the "Dory fish".

On our last day we went to the Crown Center, in downtown KC. We have never gone there and I have no idea why, since it is so neat. We took Kristin to Kalediscope, an awesome hands-on art center for kids. The setup is so neat and makes you feel like you are inside a Dr. Seuss book. Kids can go in to the art center for an hour session and go crazy making art. They had a really cool observation area for parents and they had later sessions where parents can go in with their kids. It's all sponsored by Hallmark, which is based in KC (hence the CROWN center...that just dawned on me!) and is all free! After her art session we did a little roaming around the 3 levels of stores, then had luch at Fritz's. It was a neat little restaurant where you order your food by phone at your table, then the food is brought to you by a train that runs on a track around the top of the restaurant. So neat! I didn't take any pictures inside and don't know what I was thinking! I guess I was too busy watching Kristin have fun. After lunch we walked around some more and decided the next time we go back we have to spend a whole day at the Crown Center. We had to drag Kristin out of the Crayola store since we needed to leave before rush hour traffic hit. I think she would still be there drawing and coloring if we would've let her! We had such a good time and can't wait to go back again!

Blogger isn't letting me post anymore pictures. I'll try to post more soon.