May 17, 2008

Mother's Day and Migraines

Hope everyone had a fantastic Mother's Day. I had a great one. We spent the day in Joplin and had a fun visit. Kristin made me a cute flower pot and flower at school, Chris bought me a new camera and took me to Carino's for lunch, and I treated myself to some shopping. Brandy and Hunter were in Joplin, so we got to visit with them some also. Kristin loves her little cousin.

Me and Kristin with the flower she made for me

Kristin and her cousin Hunter

Grandma, Grandpa and Kristin

Tired after a long day in Joplin

Last week Kristin had her med check-up at the doctor (she has to visit every 3 months for a Strattera refill). The doctor confirmed that she is having migraine headaches and with the family history, I'm not really surprised. She said that unless the headaches are frequent as 1 a week, we won't put her on a preventative medicine, since none are approved for children 8 and under. That's just great. She usually has 1-2 a month, hopefully she won't start having more than that. Other than that, she's doing well. When we visit the doctor, they always make sure to weigh and measure her since sometimes Strattera can cause kids to not eat...I think it has the opposite effect on her...she eats like crazy! She's 4 feet tall and 59 pounds! She has just one week left of school! Chris is on vacation next week and I am taking Friday off. She gets out of school at noon on Friday. I think we'll take her to lunch and go see the new Narnia movie or something fun. Next Tuesday night is Kindergarten graduation. All kids, pre-k and k get to take part in the program. Kristin is having a hard time understanding that she is not going to first grade next year with her friends, she will have another year with Ms. Pam and she will be a "Big-K Kid".

I am off to do some online training. It's great that more trainings are offered online, but not so great for people like me who like to put things off till the very I have a cold. Oh well. Have a great weekend!