Feb 2, 2007

Catalina the Snow Queen

Snow returned to Siloam Springs during the week and Kristin made her first snowman, excuse me, snow QUEEN. She named her Catalina and is dreading the day it is warm enough for her to melt. Kristin's been a little overly emotional lately, so I anticipate that she will have her own meltdown the day that Catalina turns to water. Oh the drama!

We went to Cabot last weekend for Mom's birtday and had a good visit. I was prepared for Kristin to talk nonstop as usual during the drive, but she actually slept most of the time both ways! I was able to drive in peace!! Kristin is doing better each day since starting meds and I must say I'm surprised. She's doing well at school and has started learning her sounds. I'm thankful she has a late birthday and will get another year of preschool. Having that extra year really helps.

Chris is at work and Kristin is asleep---time for me to relax and enjoy a movie! Have a great weekend!