Sep 30, 2006

Still Sick

Yesterday Kristin seemed to be doing better--no fever and almost no cough. This morning we got up for soccer and she was pretty grumpy, but still wanted to go play. Today was picture and trophy day and she was excited. So, we got dressed, arrived at the field.....she then refused to play, was crying and said the wanted to GO TO BED!!! After being there less than 10 minutes, we loaded back into the car and went home. I took her temp--101.3. She took some Motrin and got in bed. The picture is of her relaxing and watching her princess movie. After her temp went down she ate and was wanting to go out and play. But I talked her into taking a nap and she's now been asleep a little over two hours. Hopefully this won't last much longer.....

Keeping Your Pillow Warm

A couple of nights ago when I went to Kristin's room to check on her, this is what I found in her bed.....

Her doll, Jilly, was tucked nice and snug in bed, but Kristin was nowhere to be found. So, I went to our room and found this...

Kristin sound can tell she was running fever--her cheeks were bright pink. I woke her up to give her a dose of Motrin and asked her why she got in my bed. She said "I was keeping your pillow warm for you." Needless to say she spent the night in bed with me!

Sep 26, 2006

Going To Be a Long Week.....

It's going to be a very long week....right now we are all in allergy misery. Well, I don't think Chris is. He takes Claritin and it works well for him. It has no effect on me--none at all. So, I am miserable. I'm sneezing, stopped up, wheezy, and in a pretty crummy mood. School was not good today...everytime I was in the middle of a lesson I would have to stop and sneeze or blow my nose--which is nice and red now, I look like Rudolph. Anyway, I went through a couple of boxes of kleenex and finally took some benadryl towards the end of the day. Needless to say, I was dragging by the time I went home--I don't really remember closing my room and will probably be searching for lesson plans in the morning. I finally made it home, took a nap and got up when Chris left for work. Low and behold, Kristin started sneezing and is finally asleep after endless coughing and wheezing.

So, I have a feeling it's going to be a long long week. I feel sorry for those who have to be around me, because I am well aware of the mood I'm in! I guess now I'll take a hot bath and fall into a benadryl-induced (hopefully deep) sleep!

Sep 18, 2006

The Klutz Gene

Yes, Kristin is blessed enough to have received the klutz gene, along with being a climber, from me. I thought Saturday was going to be like any other....we got up, went to soccer, I was in my room reading, Kristin was in her room playing and Chris was mowing the yard--perfect Saturday. While in the middle of my suspensful Dean Koontz book I heard a crash followed by a scream. I tore to Kristin's room, almost falling myself (the klutz gene), I found Kristin laying in the floor crying and holding her cheek. I checked to make sure she didn't have a broken arm or anything too serious (you never know with the klutz gene) and got her calmed down enough to find out what had happened. Apparently she wanted to see her Daddy mowing the backyard, so she climbed on top of her toy box to look out her window. I guess that seemed like a much better way instead of just walking to the patio door....anyway, she slipped, fell, and hit her face on the windowsill. It's much better now, but over the weekend it looked like she'd been in a punching match!

The klutz gene....combine that with wanting to climb everything and impulsivity and you get....KRISTIN!

Sep 11, 2006

A Day at the Park

Yesterday we spent teh day in Joplin with Grandma and Grandpa. After watching the Chiefs lose miserably, we went to the park. Kristin LOVES going to the park and we've had perfect park weather lately. The slides at this park are her favorite (it's actually an elementary school playground) because they are big and "go faster" as she puts it. She's our little daredevil!

Sep 9, 2006


Kristin started the fall session of Iddy Biddy Soccer this morning. Her friend Jordan is also playing, so it helped having a friend there with her. She had fun and was more into it than in the spring. The same man is coaching, so I think she was more used to him this time--she even gave him a high-five! That man has so much patience! The best was this morning when he was explaining a how they were going to play "green light, red light". He told them when he said "green light" they needed to run with with their ball and when he said "red light" they needed to stop and put their foot on the ball. He said, "Can you do that?" They screamed "yeah" and all took off!

Sep 7, 2006

The Next Rachel Ray

I recently joined a book club and ordered three cookbooks--one is Rachel Ray and two are Paula Deen and all three are wonderful!! I've spent the past two days going through recipes, deciding what to try and making a list of things to buy at the store. Chris is such a picky eater that he won't eat too much of it, except chicken dishes. He just doesn't know what he's missing! Shawn, Allison and Brenda are going to be my guinea pigs and taste everything, though they don't know it yet!! Ok, I'm off to the kitchen to make Brown Sugar Squares with Chocolate if I could get someone to come clean my kitchen.....

Sep 4, 2006

Home Again.....

We're back home after a weekend with Nene and Papa. Lynn, Brandon and Lindsay were there too, so needless to say, there was never a dull (or quiet) moment! Kristin loves playing with her cousins and usually they get along really well. They tend to all be stubborn and independent (especially the girls), so arguments break out every once in awhile. But they don't fight much and Brandon is a good referee!

We celebrated my birthday and mom and dad's anniversary--that was the highlight for Kristin--she loves parties! The weather was great and we even played a game of croquet (I won!).

On the way home tonight we stopped in Fayetteville and ate at Noodles for my birthday dinner.

Sep 2, 2006

Over the River and Through the Woods....

We're leaving today to visit Nene and Papa (my mom and dad) for the weekend. Kristin is SO excited and can't wait to get there. Hopefully she'll sleep for most of the three and a half hour trip, but I doubt she will. Usually she talks and talks and talks and talks......

Lynn, Brandon and Lindsay will be there also, so it should be a loud, but fun weekend. Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday!!!