Aug 30, 2006

Vegas Vacation

I finally got all of our Vegas trip pictures downloaded, printed, etc. We had so much fun and cannot wait to go back. It was a new experience for Chris since he'd never flown before, but he made it without any problems.

We stayed at the New York New York hotel and casino, which was great. It was made up of different New York landmarks, only smaller. Going through each hotel is like visiting a different city or country.

I loved the Paris hotel and the smaller version of the Eiffel Tower. Chris was more impressed with things like the NASCAR cafe, the automobile museum, and The Drive, where he was able to drive some exotic cars. There is so much to do and see, we didn't get to do all the things we wanted (that just gives us another reason to go back!). Although the temperature was in the mid 100's while we were there, humidity is pretty much non-existent. That really does make a difference. It was so nice to go out at night and not have to worry about bugs and mosquitos. I didn't have any allergy or asthma problems while there, either. Now we are back in reality--back to work, humidity, and good ole Arkansas.

Aug 28, 2006

Out of the mouths of babes......

This is why I love working with children---a few days ago as I was getting ready to dismiss my kids from circle time Daniel came over to me, gave me a huge hug and said "I love you and I'm so happy to be at preschool!" I told him I loved him too and that I was glad he was coming to preschool. Then he sat down and said that he wanted to say a prayer, so I said ok, and told the kids Daniel was going to say a prayer. He closed his eyes, bowed his head and started rambling, then said "Thank you God for my school, that we can take a nap and play on the slide...that's all, Amen." I just thought it was the sweetest thing. Just when I think I've heard it all, they hit me with something new. Kids are always honest and aren't afraid to tell it like it is. Of course there are the times they are too honest like when one little boy said "Ms. Laura (I was wearing a ball cap on this day), I bet your hair looks really bad under that hat. You look kinda rough....."

Aug 27, 2006


Will my child EVER go to sleep without a battle??? She's finally down for her nap, but she will fight again tonight. I don't think she will ever accept that it's ok to be sleepy and it's ok to go to sleep. She has gotten better than she used to be and I guess since she never slept through the night as an infant (or toddler) I should be glad that now once she's asleep, she's ASLEEP. Plus she talks in her sleep, which is always entertaining. And then there's her prayer she says everynight..."Now I lay me down the street...." Nope, never a dull moment.....

Aug 25, 2006

First Day of School

On Wednesday Kristin started her second year at Sunshine Montessori School. She's the oldest one in her class and next year will be in my class (that could be scary). She loves school, but is staying home on Monday and Tuesday with Chris. It's been good--we get a break from each other and she gets time with daddy. Here's a picture of her ready to go to school!

Chris is busy with Wal-Mart, working nights 8pm-8am and I'm still teaching the 4-5 year old class at Sunshine Montessori. Kristin will start Jitterbugs next month (dance class that comes to the school) and will also be playing soccer again next month (I think she likes getting a trophy more than actually playing). We are busy but having fun!

Tontitown Grape Festival

Two weekends ago we went to the Grape Festival in Tontitown. This was the first year Kristin has gotten to ride the rides and she had a blast. She wanted to ride everything in sight--the bigger and faster the better! We had a good time and she was worn out by the time we got home, which is always a good thing!