May 22, 2010

Day at the Park

Last week was rough. Last Sunday morning K woke up with a low fever and slight cough. Then the fever went up...and up...and up. I hesitated taking her to the doctor on Monday since she had no other symptoms and I figured it was just a virus. I took her anyway and sure enough, a virus. She ran a high fever until late Wednesday night. All day Thursday she was fine..until that night when she began crying, saying that her ear hurt. Still no fever, but A LOT of pain. And she usually doesn't cry about things hurting, so I knew it was infected. Friday morning we were back at the doctor and yes, she had an ear infection. She hasn't run any fever, but her ear has really bothered her. We got the good numbing eardrops and they have really helped. Through all of this, Shawn was gone to a conference in Little Rock, so I had to be at work. Luckily I was able to set K up in Shawn's office on a mat and she just slept. Shawn, in case you are reading this, I lysoled your office REALLY well :) And Friday night was preschool graduation. We had nine graduates and is was a great night!

K is now feeling better and has been dying to get out and about. So this afternoon I decided to skip mowing the yard, and we headed to the park. K had a great timea nd was in a mood to be photographed, so I took pictures. Here they are.....

May 4, 2010

Mother's Day Sapris

Today when I was looking through Kristin's papers from school, I found this:

Here's what it read in case you need help deciphering Kristin's writing :0)

Mother's Day Surprise
I love you Mom, you are the best mom. I like it when you take me to shop and go places too, Mom. And I like it when you take me places to eat together. I love you you, kisses and hugs, your daughter, Kristin. I know it is just you and me but no matter what nothing will split us apart.

In case you are wondering, I cried (until she asked what it the world was wrong with me!). And yes, I have the best daughter ever.