Feb 4, 2011

Let It Snow.....

Last night I got word that Sunshine Montessori would be open today, but only from 9-5. Since we'd only have a handful of kids it wouldn't be a normal school day and we'd just be working split shifts. I worked 9-1 (I still woke up at 5:30). Around 9:30 it started snowing. Then it started snowing harder. And harder. The dusting we were supposed to get today quickly turned into 5-6 inches and it's still snowing (it's almost 7pm). This is in addition to the 8-9 inches already on the ground.

I left work, stopped by Max's (a gas station) to get milk, then made it home. The roads were completely snow covered and when I got into my neighborhood I couldn't tell where the road was. But we made it home just fine, even though I couldn't make it up the driveway! I do have to say that the big black Coupe is awesome in the snow!!

After K played in the snow, it was game time! First Operation, then Qwirkle. We are serious Qwirkle players and both get pretty competitive. We'll take forever to make a move as we decide which tiles will get us the most points. This game is unfinished, still in the floor, ready to finish (maybe) tomorrow.

K also got out her Shrinky Dinks. Or as she says it, "Shrink A Dink!" I have not done shrinky dinks since I was a kid and these are better than the ones I remember.

Finally, as if we don't have enough snow, Kristin has been making snowflakes....

I have to admit, I love the snow. Every single fluffy flake! I've always loved winter. My favorite thing is riding horses in the snow. Can't help it, but I am a winter weather girl!

Feb 3, 2011


Well, we had some big snow come through Monday night-Tuesday. It started Monday night with cold rain, then switched to freezing rain and was sleeting hard when I woke up around 5:30. I called Shawn and she decided to close the school. So I called the tv stations, watched the news for awhile, then went back to bed. K and I both woke up around 10:30 and it was snowing pretty hard. As soon as K saw it, she got dressed and dove in...literally!

We ended up with 7-10 inches, depending on who you talk to. I measure between 8-10 inches in my yard and driveway. The Joplin area got around 20 inches, which is just crazy. Anyway, we ended up with a good amount of snow and I LOVE it. It has been very very cold. Last night it was -5, a new record. The school has been closed, which is a record for Sunshine Montessori! Normally we stay open when it snows, but that's when we get a few inches...not several inches plus ice. Plus, it's been so so cold, it would be hard to keep the school warm. Besides that, we wouldn't have but a few kids there. So, K and I have been keeping busy on our days off.

Day 1, Tuesday

We just hung around the house, watched movies and played in the snow.

Day 2, Wednesday

I made Kristin do schoolwork. She tried to tell me I couldn't teach her because she's not a preschooler and I'm not Ms. Shawn, but she quickly gave in :) We also dove into some of her crafty gifts from Christmas that we were saving for a rainy (snowy) day. Kristin built her birdfeeder, wrote notes to several friends on her "design your own postcards," and we made a crystal tree. Of course we had to watch a movie. Today's choice: Finding Nemo.

After we got word that Sunshine would be closed another day, we baked our cake (at 10:00!). The mix I got was a gluten-free cake by Betty Crocker. Good stuff. But Kristin discovered that it was a "devils food cake" and immediately said, "I am NOT eating the devil's food!" Of course, that didn't stop her

Day 3, Today

As soon as we woke up this morning we conducted a science experiment...throwing boiling water in the air to watch it turn into a fine mist of snow. It was still only 10 degrees, but the weatherman said it needed to be zero or below to get the best results. But we went for it anyway, and poof....a mist of snow. Very cool!

K has written two more postcards, painted more of her birdfeeder, and we watched Enchanted. We are going to make snowcream later, I think this time we'll make chocolate :)

Hope everyone is staying safe and warm. We are supposed to get a little snow tomorrow and then possibly a few more inches Sunday-Monday. I love winter, though :)

Funnies from Kristin:

On Saturday, which was very wam, on the way to Fayetteville, Kristin suddenly said, "Look, it's so hot they turned on the fans!" It was windmills.

Later on the same trip, when we passed James at the Mill, K said, "That place is so beautiful! I love how they make it look old timey, you know like the 70's! I'm glad this isn't the 70's because then we'd have afros!"