Dec 25, 2010

Christmas, Round 2: Christmas Day

Merry Christmas! We had a great day! K woke around 8 and we unwrapped presents. She got me an awesome fleece blanket and a necklace and earrings. Before you watch the movie below, you need a little backstory. K is obsessed with the Titanic. A few years ago when we went to the Titanic museum in Branson, Chris got K a Heart of the Ocean necklace. Well, not long after he died the necklace broke and she was devestated. One thing she asked Santa for was a new necklace. After she opened all the gifts from me and from Santa, there was no she thought....Santa hid a small present behind the tree :)


We had our usual Christmas breakfast of biscuits and chocolate gravy. Our lunch was a repeat of Thanksgiving with ham and hashbrown casserole! Yum! We spent the day playing the new games K got and we saw the new Narnia movie. What a great day! Our first Christmas without Chris was sad, but we know he got to experience the most awesome Christmas celebration ever! And if it's possible to get into trouble in Heaven, I'm sure he and my Dad are deep in it!

I have a new toy, thanks to a good friend. I've wanted a Macbook for awhile now, and was given one for pretty much next to nothing! She was upgrading to the Macbook Pro so I'm now the proud owner of a "new to me" Macbook :) I'm already used to it and am thinking that poor old Dell is going to end up for Kristin!

Merry (late) Christmas to me! What did you get for Christmas?

Dec 22, 2010

Laura Elf

Kristin and I saw this and started having fun with it. Although she won't let me share her elf, which is much cuter!!

Dec 19, 2010

Christmas, Round 1: Joplin

Yesterday Kristin and I celebrated our first round of Christmas. We spent the day in Joplin with Chris' family. We had a fun day of organized chaos! Ok, there was no organization, but it was chaos and it was fun!!! We had a wonderful homemade lasagna thanks to Grandpa, delicious desserts, then the chaotic, but fun, opening of the presents!

I can't believe Christmas is almost here!!! I was planning on going to Mom's for Christmas, but Kristin was adamant that she wanted to be at home Christmas day. She does not like change and I guess the combination of Chris not being here and us not being at home would've been too much for her. So, we will be at home Christmas day, then New Year's weekend we'll go to Cabot for Christmas, Round 3!! I can't wait to be on Christmas break! Usually we just have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off, but the way the holidays all fell on the weekend, we would've only been open two days the week after Christmas, so we just decided to close for the week. We barely have any kids that week anyway. Plus, we are open year-round and I think for the sanity of the teachers, we NEED to close that week! But Chris always said that anyone who teaches preschool can't be normal! Anyway, Christmas is quickly approaching and we are ready! Are you?

Dec 16, 2010

Happy Holidays????

Copyright © 2000 Dean Galloway

Ok, it seems that there is a big controversy over whether or not one should say "Happy Holidays" or "Merry Christmas." I didn't realize it was that big of a deal until a couple of co-workers were addressing the issue and were adamant that you should say "Merry Christmas." I guess I've never really thought about it. I can see both sides of the issue. While I usually say Merry Christmas, I'm not going to be offended if someone tells me "Happy Holidays" or if I get a card that reads "Seasons Greetings." After all, it is the hoildays and people are sending greetings of the season, so to speak. And I see why businesses put up "Happy Holidays" decorations...they can put it out in November and leave it out till January and have all the holidays covered.

But I would be very upset if I was told I could NOT tell someone to have a Merry Christmas. And I do get ticked when someone says "holiday tree" instead of "Christmas Tree." I mean, really. It's a CHRISTMAS's not like it's for all the holidays in's for Christmas. Is there such a thing as a "Holiday Menorah?" That does bother me a bit. But, just so you know, if you tell me "Happy Holidays" I won't be offended. Ok, I'm done now, but what do y'all think? What's your opinion??

Season's Greetings and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS! :)

Dec 14, 2010

Odds and Ends

Well, it's almost Christmas! Where has the time gone? So much has happened lately. My sweet Kristin Bug turned EIGHT in November! Cannot believe it! We had a small party for her in Joplin and she decided instead of a party with her friends, to instead go to Eureka Springs with her awesome Mom (that'd be me!) for a girls weekend. We had a fantastic time!

Kristin with her cousins Beau and Hunter

We took cake and decorations to our hotel in Eureka. A friend made this yummy gluten free cake for Kristin :)

I took K to the New Moon Spa for a mani and pedi...she loved it!

What else? Ooo...I have a new oven! That's big news in my world! The old one literally caught fire a few nights ago while I was in the middle of making latkes. Luckily we got a few made before the fire. There was no damage from the fire, but the oven was dead. So, I called the maintenance man, came home from work, and found a new oven!

We're busy getting ready for Christmas, which starts this Saturday with Christmas in Joplin!