Mar 25, 2007

Just an Update

Well, once again things have gotten crazy. My Granny B (dad's Mom) passed away yesterday afternoon. She'd been sick off and on last month and then this past Tuesday my Uncle had to take her to the ER. A chest X-Ray showed a large mass around her lungs, numerous spots in the lungs and enlarged lymph nodes. They were pretty sure it was cancer and considering she smoked a long time, I'm sure it was. Anyway, they tried to do a biopsy Wednesday, but before they could do it, her oxygen went way down and they almost lost her. Mom, Lynn, and I went to Dallas Thursday and she was doing better. She was still on oxygen, but was talking, eating, joking and laughing. We left Friday and I got home Saturday and I found out when I got home that she'd died. But I'm very thankful we got to see her, that she was able to talk to us and knew who we were--there was NOTHING wrong with her mind, even at the end. And I'm glad that she wasn't really sick for long and wasn't in any pain. So, that's been my crazy past few days. I'll be going to Oklahoma later this week for the funeral. They will have a short service at the retirement home in Dallas and then she'll be buried in Oklahoma.

On a lighter note, the drive to and from Dallas was quite an adventure. Lynn drove, I read maps and mom was in the back. We never got lost and had a good time. I really like Dallas and want to go back.

Kristin is doing fine. Better than ever, actually. Chris kept her while I was gone and then she spent the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa. I was informed that she was PERFECT at school while I wasn't there---that figures! She's a mess when I'm there and an angel when I'm not! Oh well, a year and a half and she'll be going to kindergarten!

Mar 9, 2007

No computer

Well, our computer finally bit the dust. That's why I haven't posted anything in forever! My boss is nice enough to let me use hers when I need too, but we are going to have to get a new one...SOON! I never realized how many bills and stuff we pay's crazy. Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions concerning computers, I would appreciate any!

We are doing good. Kristin has been sick this week with strep and another ear infection, but is feeling better now. Actually the whole time she was sick she never acted like she felt bad, but that's normal for her. She stayed home Monday and Tuesday and we were both glad to be back at school on Wednesday!

Chris is back working days now. He likes the day shift better, but misses being off every weekend and having a somewhat slower pace overnight. Although he's told me some crazy things that happened in the middle of the night at the store! Nothing overly exciting has been going on with us. Just looking forward to spring and some nice weather. Hopefully we'll have a new computer soon and I can post some pictures!