Jun 5, 2010

Memorial Weekend Fun

Kristin and I had a great Memorial Weekend in Eureka Springs. Kristin said it was the best way to remember Chris, since we liked going there as a family :) I have to agree.

Here is where we stayed, The Land O Nod Inn. Very nice people, reasonably priced, and clean, which is most important.

They had a great pool, wonderful picnic areas, and awesome breakfasts...so I think it's safe to say that we will be back. Most likely before the summer is over! Here's K ready for an evening picnic...lots of fun!

We pretty much just relaxed and swam over the weekend, but we did venture to Quigley Castle and Onyx Cave. Kristin loved both places, especially since she has quite and obsession with rocks, crystals and gems of any kind. Next trip we are going out to War Eagle Cavern and she can go panning for gems. Anyway, Quigley Castle is a neat place and I suggest you google it, because there is no way I can explain it! Or just click on this link a.

This is the front of Quigley Castle...

A flower basket Elise Quigley made out of rocks

Kristin of course loved this giant crystal and wanted to bring it home!

Inside Onyx Cave...can you see the giant elephant???

Me standing in front of the 'fireplace'

Did I mention K loved the pool??? We swam at least three times a day and Kristin learned how to swim in the deep end while we were there! She just jumped in, swam to the 8 foot area, and swam her heart out! Chris would be so proud...he never learned to swim, he did not like water! Here's K swimming on our last day:

K is finally getting over her ear infection. I should've taken her to Dr. Lewis the first time...oh well, at least she's better now! We've got a busy summer planned. Next weekend I'm going to Kentucky with friends while K stays with Mom. Then the end of July we are going to Punta Gorda, Florida to visit Uncle Ken and Aunt Connie. K is doing a lot with the schoolagers at Sunshine Montessori...swimming, bowling, movies, library summer program, field trips. Then she's doing three, week long day camps--ceramics, mad science, and photography. And Vacation Bible School. Busy, but fun! Hope your summer has gotten off to a great start!