Jun 4, 2011

Summer is Here!

Well, I figure after taking a three month break from blogging, I better get back to it! So here goes...it's officially summer!!! Kristin's last day of school was yesterday. To end the year her class had an art show to display their favorite works of art from their Monart class. I was really impressed with all of their artwork, they did such a great job. And speaking of doing a great job, Kristin had a great second grade year. Her reading has improved tremendously...she's gone from barely reading to reading any chapter book she can get her hands on. She is flying through math and I pray she'll never have the problems with it that I had! She said her favorite things she learned at school this year was learning all about the works of van Gogh and Monet :)

And now that summer has begun, it doesn't mean K and I will be spending summer at home everyday...no way!!! We will be at Sunshine Montessori for our summer program!!

The school agers will be busy busy. They will swim twice a week, bowl once a week, visit the library for the summer program there once (or twice, I can't remember) a week, and go to the movies once a week. Ms. Laura (NOT this Ms. Laura, it's another one!) has other trips and activities planned as well for them. I think in June they are going to the Old Spanish Treasure Cave and the Gentry Safari, among other things. Kristin decided not to do any of the city camps this year. I thought that was a good idea, she's got plenty to keep her busy at the school!

I will be with my preschoolers having fun going to the park for a picnic, movie days, water play days, outdoor classroom, and other fun stuff like making snow cones, sundaes, pajama day, etc. Honestly I couldn't imagine being at home all summer!

Now I have to get back to my nap on the couch :) I'm getting over a stomach bug and it is hanging on!

Happy Summer everyone!!


Tonya said...

Glad you are back! I enjoy reading your blogs! Hope you guys have an AWESOME summer! Sounds like a busy one! :O)

LA said...

Thanks Tonya!!! :) We need to get the girls together sometime, maybe see a movie or something.