Mar 3, 2012

Two Years Ago...

Two years ago, March 4, 2010 mine and Kristin's lives changed forever. It's been two years since Chris left us and yet I remember it like it was yesterday. He'd been sick, gone to the doctor and seemed to be getting better. I went to fill his prescription, came home and he told me to call 911. K went to stay with Shawn, we went to the hospital, and needless to say, things went downhill from there. Shawn and Brenda came to the hospital, then it seemed that almost immediately I was surrounded by my Sunshine family...I even remember thinking, "When did they get here?" Makes me smile now to think about it. I literally felt like I was surrounded by love. Then Pastor Chad came, followed quickly by Pastor Tad and Kameron. It was then that I realized how lucky I was to have the friends I have. Calls, texts, and emails poured in. Shawn took me and K to her house for the night, then helped me get my house cleaned up for arriving family. Families brought food. Friends helped and took care of us. It was amazing.

Two years later....Kristin is 9 and is almost finished with third grade. She is doing amazingly well, considering all that she's been through. We help each other on the rough days and laugh together on the good days. And there is a lot of laughter these days! We are about to visit Disneyland with my Mom again....another adventure, that's for sure!

We still visit Eureka Springs every couple of months. People ask all the time why we visit. I've just always said it's just a good place to get away. Then tonight I realized, Chris, Kristin and I loved going there. It was a good, close place for a fun, family get away. While Kristin and I are there, we remember being there with Chris and treasure those memories. But we make new memories as well. Kristin and I have never been back to the cottage we stayed at with Chris (I'm sure they wondered what happened to us!). And I'm not sure if we ever will be ready to go back. At least not yet. Until then, we'll be at the Land O Nod. Chris wanted to go there, but never got the chance. So now, we go for him!

Through all of this, I've learned just how blessed we are. We have friends and family who will always be there for us. We have a church family that we are fortunate to be a part of.

Life IS good...treasure every moment of it!

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Mandy said...

Thinking of you and K today!