Apr 17, 2012

It's Spring!

Spring is here..one of the best times of the year (yes, my allergies are making me miserable...). My rosebush is blooming, the honeysuckle smells heavenly and it's time to plant the garden. Unfortunately summer is right around the corner, but I won't think about that just yet!

It's hard for me to believe that just two short years ago, I was experiencing the worst spring I'd known. I'd just lost my best friend and love of my life. My daughter had lost her father. I thought life would never be the same, that I would never be happy again. Over these two years I've experienced so much grief, pain, hurt, loss and love--the love of friends, of family and God's love. And sure there have been times of happiness...Kristin makes me happy daily...but the pure joy of life has been missing.

I was right that my life would never be the same and that's ok. Life is about change. And you see, once again, spring is here...and it's a time of change...everything is fresh and new. It's time to live life with joy and to be happy once again.

Oh, it's also a time for benadryl...lots of benadryl.